1. Highly Performing Systems

Highly Performing Systems

Gain efficiency in engineering dynamic systems for optimal performance

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With every new smart, connected device for consumer and industrial use, innovators face the challenge of exponential growth in applications and functions. This induces enormous complexity and risk to the development process.

Highly Performing Systems provides a platform enabling collaborative MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering), unifying requirements management, system architecture and performance validation. It allows you to significantly reduce project time and costs, and investigate more design alternatives early in systems innovation.

Benefits of Highly Performing Systems

  • Increase your engineering productivity

    ... by mastering a multidisciplinary systems architecture.

  • Increase your agility to meet new market demands

    ... by managing requirement dependency, change impact and test plans on a common platform.

  • Accelerate time to market

    ... thanks to an integrated platform for multi-scale co-simulation and result analysis.

  • Capitalize your engineering know-how

    ... by effectively reusing engineering assets like functions, technical components or physical parts.

Gain efficiency in engineering dynamic systems for optimal performance

Highly Performing Systems is an open, model based collaboration platform for systems engineers that helps them gain efficiency in engineering dynamic systems for optimal performance.

Success story

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