Electronics Design Analysis

Gain time and agility in ensuring your products' signal and power integrity from chip to board to device level

The strong trend towards smart and connected systems is unbroken. It enhances our personal, urban and work lives through ever more innovative devices. To be compliant and perfectly operate in all conditions, these devices need to have uncompromised signal performance at chip, board and device level.

The Electronics Design Analysis solution delivers the tools and methods for accelerating the electronic validation through collaborative simulation. It simplifies the synchronization between PCB and hardware designers, signal and power integrity engineers, EMC engineering specialist and system integration engineers. They can significantly reduce testing time and cost thanks to multi-scale 3D electromagnetic field simulation as well as circuit simulation for power integrity. Those simulations include digital circuit models like CPU, memory, decoupling capacitors, and more. 

This solution is available on premise. We are working on making it available on the cloud.