1. Highly Virtual Prototyping
  2. Sensors & Components Electromagnetic Performance

Sensors & Components Electromagnetic Performance

Gain time and efficiencies in placing your sensors and components for optimal performance and minimal interference.

The structures and enclosures of High-Tech devices are getting ever smaller, more complex and customized. At the same time, they are equipped with more versatile and powerful electronics. This makes the integration of sensors and components a difficult task for engineering teams who have to deliver innovation under strict time-to-market, price and quality regimen.  

The Sensors & Components Electromagnetic Performance solution delivers the market-leading tools for analyzing and optimizing the electromagnetic performance of components and sensors. The simulations are directly connected to the design data residing on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Sensor engineers, RF engineers, system integration engineers, electromagnetic simulation specialists can all share a common model. It helps them to efficiently detect and correct product design and issues early in the process when change is least expensive.

This solution is available on premise. We are working on making it available on the cloud.