1. Perfect Package for High-Tech

Perfect Package for High-Tech

Use virtual testing to meet design specifications while accelerating package development efforts

available on cloud available on premise

Packaging plays a critical role to protect the product during transport, but also to delight the customer with an engaging and memorable unboxing experience. Perfect Package for High-Tech enables High-Tech companies to accelerate packaging processes by centrally managing complex projects, by reducing design and manufacturing errors thanks to structural package design and by leveraging realistic simulation to assess the structural integrity of the package early in the design process.

Benefits of Perfect Package for High-Tech

  • Cut design time up to 50 percent

    ... through process simplification and standardization


  • Reduce material and design costs between 30 and 50 percent

    ... through early detection and correction of package errors and by avoiding cost of real mockups.

  • Accelerate time to market 

    ... by leveraging a single data reference to eliminate labeling errors.

Achieve the perfect consumer experience with Perfect Package for High-Tech

Perfect Package for High-Tech delivers advanced capabilities for designing safe and engaging packages, and for creating great store and unboxing experiences.