Perfect Packaging Design

Optimize package design through seamless collaboration between designers and engineers

Frequently, packaging engineers need to recreate package concepts from scratch. Incompatible file formats and lack of detailed designs require engineers to translate sketches into 3D designs, which may lead to the loss of key design elements. Multiple rounds of rework occur with marketing, manufacturing and purchasing functions along with external design agencies, artwork studios, mold engineers, and suppliers working in their own systems to optimize the package design. This often, this results in suboptimal packaging that takes too long to develop. Perfect Package helps engineers translate concepts rapidly into qualified designs through tight integration between styling and mechanical shape design. Additionally, it can conduct structural load analysis to ensure the design meets all required technical specification. It also enables engineers to create automations, materials and part libraries and workflows to accelerate the development of new packages or adapt existing packaging designs to meet the needs of local consumers. Perfect Package is a unique solution that enables packaging engineers to address all types of packaging (primary, secondary and tertiary packages).