Perfect Test

Use virtual testing to meet design specifications while accelerating package development efforts

Designers and Engineers need to make sure that new packages can be made, packed and shipped to the store. Perfect Package virtual testing enables designers to simulate how a new package design will behave at every stage of its lifecycle. It creates a common platform for packaging and manufacturing engineers to optimize designs significantly faster than physical testing. The solution enables encapsulating complex optimization/simulation into black-box models, making simulation accessible to "non-experts". These users are able to easily simulate the effects on the package from stacking, crushing, dropping, and sloshing to prove-out their designs. Perfect Package also helps designers and engineers create  sustainable packaging that delights the consumer and yet is gentle to the earth.  Package engineers can now lessen the amount of material used. Manufacturing engineers can analyze a package to make sure it can be made, packed and shipped in the most efficient way and well as lowering the total weight which decreases both transportation costs and carbon emissions.