1. Reduce Business Complexity

Reduce Business Complexity

Turning complexity to become a competitive advantage, with data-driven and model-based collaboration on a single platform 

Accelerating smart home appliance innovation

With 3DEXPERIENCE connecting all teams on a single collaborative platform.

The need to manage exponential growth of complexity 

High-Tech companies manage complex products and portfolios, while they operate in global and regulated markets. Diverse, dynamically evolving worker and consumer protection standards need to be respected, while IP management and -protection is a  growing challenge. Irrespective of companies' size, this level of complexity can't be managed with traditional or document-based approaches anymore.

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Facilitate and automate the adherence to global standards and regulations like WEEE, RoHS, EPU, ISO 26262 etc.
Picto > Reduce Business Complexity > Dassault Systèmes®
Leverage invisible governance and deliverables based project management to reduce administrative overhead and increase engineering productivity.
Picto > Reduce Business Complexity > Dassault Systèmes®
Foster Model-Based Systems Engineering on a common platform from Requirements thru Development to Validation & Verification.
Picto > Reduce Business Complexity > Dassault Systèmes®
Synchronize your value network of suppliers, partners and even your customer thru online, real-time and 3D-enabled collaboration on a secure platform.

A single, comprehensive platform to master complexity

3DEXPERIENCE enables High-Tech companies to synchronize all their diverse technical and business skills on one single, secure platform. From portfolio management to requirements, from concept design to mechatronics & software engineering, from verification to manufacturing, from ideation to marketing and service - all disciplines can imagine, engineer, manufacture and deliver complex electronics experiences, leveraging a virtual twin accessible to everyone.

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