1. Security, Control & Instrumentation

Security, Control & Instrumentation

Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

Creating the perfect customer experience

Discover how 3DEXPERIENCE fosters delivering software and systems driven innovation in the Age of IoT


IoT digitization of the economy

The Internet of Things is shifting value and business models though limitless connectivity. Security, Control and Instrumentation Equipment providers must be able to leverage "Big Data" and use advanced analytics. This enables them to focus on delivering customized customer experiences through connected devices, software and IT infrastructure.

"Creating software without model based systems engineering can be a daunting challenge"

Olivier Ribet
Vice President Industries, Vice President High-Tech, Dassault Systèmes

Meet new demands

Dynamic global demand driven by energy, productivity and sustainability requires High-Tech companies to quickly understand and analyze key trends. This business intelligence then needs to effectively fuel NPI projects that are rapidly deployed to multi-functional teams across the entire value chain.

“With EXALEAD, information search has been reduced from an average of four minutes per search to just a few seconds.”

John Winter
Bird Technologies

Win by delivering integrated solutions

The increasing connectivity and software driven innovation help High-Tech companies deliver new category engagement and value to their customers. Their new offering is composed of hardware, software and content, delivers high privacy and security standards while offering a perfect customer experience.

"Braided Organizations seek to create an optimized stakeholder experience, which will, in return, engage people - especially young people - more efficiently".

Theano Advisors