1. Telecommunications, Computing & Network

Telecommunications, Computing & Network

Capitalizing on the digital transformation

Transforming business with 3DEXPERIENCE

Ericsson leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to sustain growth


Digital Transformation, Inside & Out

To meet their competitive challenges, innovative carriers, infrastructure companies, and device manufacturers alike are seeking internal transformations that will help them better manage the complexities of competing in the digital world. This includes transformations that can help them navigate the transition from manufacturing hardware-centric products to developing offers that combine hardware, software, and services.

"Finally, 3DEXPERIENCE will provide a flexible system, where we can scale up and scale down together with the business."

Johan Torstensson
CIO, Ericsson

New Competitors & New Opportunities

A major challenge for the Telecommunications, Computing & Network industries is confronting new competitors, as the broadband, media and information technology sectors convergence continues. As telecom companies seek to exploit new opportunities made possible by the Internet of Things, the rise of mPayments, 5G networking, cloud computing and other digital evolution, they are confronting both traditional and non-telecom competitors.


Hearing the "Voice of the Customer" Throughout Development

Succeeding in the highly competitive telecom environment rests on the development of compelling customer experiences, delivering personalized services, strong customer support and high network quality.

This requires opening the perimeter of innovation through social ideation and enabling customer requirements to be articulated, understood, captured and validated throughout product and service lifecycles.


Serving Diverse Customers With Modular, Configurable Offerings

Products like mobile devices, ground equipment, satellites, earth stations, and more have always been complex. To reduce this complexity and address intense cost and time-to-market pressures, Telecommunications, Computing & Network companies are increasingly adopting modular, variant-oriented product development, with modularity applied to hardware, software and service components.


Flexible Manufacturing to Address Volatile Demand

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) accelerates business decision-making by leveraging planning, manufacturing and distribution information with much higher degrees of intelligence, automation and precision.

Digitally integrating manufacturing planning, execution and demand planning on a single platform delivers the production speed and agility required in today's competitive and cost-sensitive markets.


Leveraging PLM Analytics to Increase Performance

Making smarter decisions faster is critical to stay ahead of competition. Employees need concise, timely information tailored to their task needs, regardless of whether they are a sales person, a project manager or a senior executive.

This is especially important for High-Tech innovation and product development.