White Goods

Innovation in the Age of Experience

The new consumer experience

Revolutionizing white goods innovation through collaboration

Business challenge

Foster Team Collaboration

Revolutionizing white goods innovation can be achieved through breakthrough advances in the way interdisciplinary teams collaborate.

3DEXPERIENCE helps transform businesses by connecting design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and service on a single, intelligent platform.

"We need to create an experience for our customers, and I’m talking about the whole customer journey."

Johan Torstensson
CIO, Ericsson
Business challenge

Enabling Open Innovation

To gain and sustain market leadership, High-Tech innovators need to introduce a new value creation dynamic and new ways for people to positively experience the enterprise by: 

  • Alleviating complexity and bureaucracy through flatter organizations and collaboration
  • Meeting reduced lead times by simultaneously handling multi-horizon, local and global purposes
  • Dealing with competencies management through improved knowledge sharing
  • Engaging people in a meaningful quest being both the players and the game designers

"Braided Organizations seek to create an optimized stakeholder experience, which will, in return, engage people—especially young people—more efficiently."

Theano Advisors

Empower Project Management

Help your program managers tame complexity and drive performance.

Leveraging best practices in program management will help you achieve the following results:

  • Make more disciplined and better-informed investment decisions
  • Manage increased complexity as products evolve into personalized experiences made up of hardware, software and services
  • Turn commodity suppliers into valued development partners
  • Understand the technology enablers needed by modern program management
Business challenge

Mastering Increasing Product and Process Complexity

Global, diversified and regulated markets and supply chains put enormous complexity pressures on white goods manufacturers. The perfect orchestration of the entire NPI value chain is a prerequisite to deliver high-quality products at stringent cost and time to market targets.

"With 3DEXPERIENCE, we have a foundation that prepares us for the future. The platform gives us the ability to map the requirements from the start of development to series production."

Ernst Dober
Head of Development and Services, V-ZUG
Business challenge

Optimizing Production for Volatile Demand

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) accelerates business decision-making by leveraging planning, manufacturing and distribution information with much higher degrees of intelligence, automation and precision.

Digitally integrating manufacturing planning, execution and demand planning on a single platform delivers the production speed and agility required in today's competitive and cost-sensitive markets.

"As our demand managers are no longer limited by the planning software, they can now focus on generating better forecasts."

Evelien Klein
Director of Demand Management, NXP