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Center innovation around the individual to make every consumer experience personal.

More than any other industry, Home & Lifestyle is driven by consumers. Everything from strategy, vision, innovation, product definition, manufacturing methods— even the way of selling and delivering—must be consumer-driven. In the Home & Lifestyle industry, brands must put consumers at the center of decision-making.

Why? Because today's consumers have nearly limitless choices. It’s not good enough to simply offer desirable products; brands, manufacturers and retailers in Home & Lifestyle must create new products and experiences that improve the consumer lifestyle and inspire new ways of living.

Whatever they create and sell—from furniture, home appliances, bathroom and kitchen equipment, sport equipment, shoes, luxury goods and more; Home & Lifestyle companies must always provide new innovations. This means highlighting their brand values and delivering an entire experience, not just a product.

How do companies cut through the noise and deliver products and experiences that enhance lives, providing authenticity, modernity, sustainability and desirability while delivering anywhere, anytime?

Today, Home & Lifestyle companies need the best digital solution that covers the entire process, from innovative idea to delighted consumer—they need the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Modern solutions to business challenges for the Home & Lifestyle industry

As we drive forward in the new economy, it is imperative to put the consumer at the center of your business. This means being able to Simplify consumer decision-making, Excite them with innovative products and experiences, Accelerate customization and manufacturing, then Optimize delivery to ensure the right product in the right place in near real-time. Modern businesses require a modern business platform.

Centric PLM
A ‘single source of the truth’ for all of your product related data. A hub for collaboration and idea sharing. An easy to use interface that boosts productivity.

Trends in the Home & Lifestyle Industry

Explore how innovative solutions are creating successful stories in Home & Lifestyle