Furniture & Home Goods

Innovative solutions for the Home Furniture, Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment, Small Appliances, DIY and Garden Tools, and Office and Professional Furniture industry that drive design flexibility combined with intelligent supply chain optimization.

Accelerating Product Innovation

Nowy Styl Group, leading European furniture group, selected the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to improve collaboration and processes, develop and launch innovative products faster.


Improve Product Design and Development with 3D Design Software

Today, designers are challenged to come up with innovative and highly technical solutions on short timelines. And these solutions must incorporate connectivity to other devices, be capable of customization, and have an on-trend design aesthetic. Today’s designers must use modern 3D design and visualization solutions in order to create products that excite and delight the New Consumer.


Improve Consumer Excitement and Loyalty with 3D Digital Assets

When it comes to purchasing decisions, the New Consumer has nearly endless choice. The brand that can simplify the decision-making process and quickly direct the consumer to the perfect choice will likely win the sale. Advanced decision-making solutions based on 3D renderings, augmented reality, or artificial intelligence, for example, can painlessly guide the consumer to the right choice in a fun and intuitive way.  A key component for building brand loyalty and repeat sales is being able to quickly solve your consumer’s problems in an exciting and painless way.


Optimize the Supply Chain with Intelligent Planning Solutions

The new economy requires a supply chain that is not only set up for bulk production, but one that can quickly and cost-effectively respond to requests for customization. This demands intelligent planning systems that can scale at a moment’s notice, quickly redirect materials and expertise, and optimize manufacturing processes—all while maintaining margin and delivery speed. 


Delight the New Consumer with On-Demand Experiences

Our future is a world of exciting experiences driven by digital content and connected devices. We are quickly moving from an Internet of Things, with connected devices that talk to each other, to an Internet of Experiences. This is a world where the mix between digtial assets and devices creates an exciting, useful, and rewarding experience for the consumer. Imagine a world where your morning alarm can start your coffee, warm up your shower, and suggest weather appropriate wardrobe items all at the same time. This is the future of consumer experiences.

Centric Software provides innovative and agile solutions to enable consumer goods companies grow revenues by bringing innovative products to market quickly.