Battery Module and Pack Engineering

Simulate and analyze multi-disciplinary tradeoffs

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Widely used in everyday products, battery technology is a key enabler of smarter, more connected consumer experiences in the Home and Lifestyle category. But as battery power is put to the test in more demanding scenarios, manufacturers must manage the conflicting requirements for high performing, long lasting and safe batteries. At the same time, they are forced to contend with increasing price pressures, shorter product lifecycles, ever-changing form factors, as well as the demand for efficient recycling.

The Battery Module and Pack Engineering solution provides world-class tools for module and pack design and simulation at all scales within an integrated environment. It empowers battery engineering teams to manage the trade-offs between battery life, performance, cost, safety and durability. Through advanced simulation and predictive analytics, they can design and optimize battery module/pack performance for a wide range of operating conditions, test the safety and thermal behavior of cells, packs and systems, and ensure high performance without compromising on safety.