Product Engineering to Manufacturing

Foster multidisciplinary collaboration and manage product complexity effectively

available on cloud available on premise

As Home and Lifestyle brands increase the cadence of new product launches and diversify their portfolio to keep up with the latest trends, they must contend with ever-growing business, product and process complexities.

Using Product Engineering to Manufacturing, companies can optimize 3D design for product variants, and enhance multidisciplinary collaboration on sophisticated products and systems. Global, multi-site teams are empowered to design and engineer collaboratively and productively on sophisticated products within an integrated development platform. The solution supports real-time concurrent design/engineering and provides immediate 3D insights for all across the enterprise. To ensure market readiness, product definitions can be augmented with enterprise information, checking product breakdown needs at every stage, supported by a multidisciplinary release process. The result: fewer changes and errors, better reuse of information and an accelerated product development cycle.