Product Mechanical Design

Integrate design intent with smart multidisciplinary engineering

available on cloud available on premise

Bring together aesthetics and functionality to create highly desirable and practical products that consumers really want. By simultaneously considering design and function from the very beginning, Home and Lifestyle companies succeed in delivering products that are right first time and can be released to market quickly to maximize selling opportunities. 

Product Mechanical Design puts a powerful range of 3D design tools into designers and engineers’ hands, helping them to collaborate effectively and explore new design approaches together. Regardless of the product’s size and complexity, the solution allows all disciplines to exchange designs in real time, assess the impact of changes, respect manufacturing constraints and ensure every product is both viable and technically compliant. Product Mechanical Design also builds production information into designs from the onset to ensure manufacturing feasibility. At the same time, drawing from the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, designers can reuse existing designs and concepts, explore design alternatives to enhance industrial innovation and take advantage of lessons learnt from previous projects to speed up product development.