Product System Architecture

Design and validate product system architectures with an RFLP approach

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The average system study phase costs less than 5% of an overall project but determines more than 80% of the overall product lifecycle cost. Home and Lifestyle companies that take the time to capture the voice of the consumer and transform their wants and needs into a consistent set of requirements are more likely to guarantee project success. This translates into fast, effective product launches and the ability to keep on top of cost and quality targets.

Using Product System Architecture, companies are empowered to develop consistent product specifications that incorporate all data and intellectual property (IP), from product specification to manufacturing requirements. Multiple disciplines are empowered to collaborate in a single digital environment to take all needs into account, make the right tradeoffs and validate decisions at every stage of the product development lifecycle. They are supported by an RFLP (requirement, functional, logical, and physical) approach, which links manufacturing planning and documentation with internal system requirements, functional, logical and physical definitions. With end-to-end traceability and a unified product definition that serves as a reference for all, deliver complex, software-driven products that precisely deliver expected performances and behaviors.