Mold & Tooling

Reduce time & cost on complex tooling design

Companies need to increase the efficiency and reliability of their tooling processes to reduce tooling costs. Early tooling design shortens design-to-manufacturing cycle time yet the multitude of actors working with heterogeneous systems prevents companies from detecting engineering and production constraints and to react quickly to these issues in a timely manner.

With Mold & Tooling, companies can create first-time-right collision-free tool paths through the fully integrated 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which allows them to directly access their designs and to create the appropriate tooling all on the same environment. Inversely, tooling considerations can influence the way a product is designed, enabling designers to adjust their designs as well to render them easier to manufacture. Templates with company best practices as well as a catalog with reusable tooling are available, thus reducing overall design-to-manufacturing cycle time and costs.