Product Mechanical Design

Leverage powerful 3D design tools to boost your industrial innovation

Creating fully functional products requires design and engineering to work together so that they take into consideration each other’s requirements. Companies need to blend aesthetics and function from the early design stages to ensure first-time-right products that are released to market in a timely manner.

With Product Mechanical Design, designers have a range of powerful 3D design tools that allow them to explore more alternatives that enhance their industrial innovation. Size is no object as they can work on large, complex parts and assemblies such as machined, forged, sheet metal and plastic parts. They can exchange designs in real time with their engineering colleagues to ensure technical compliance and to explore a greater number of design alternatives. Production information can be built into designs early helping to ensure their manufacturability. With this solution, existing designs can be capitalized for reuse in subsequent projects, considerably cutting new product development time. Finally, Product Mechanical Design enables compliance with a POWER’BY value model in which third-party data as well as that created by previous versions of CATIA and SOLIDWORKS can be integrated and leveraged together with the most recent data in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.