Project Management & Analytics

Globally manage projects in real time and accelerate time to market

Rising competition requires accelerated delivery of innovative products to attract and maintain consumer loyalty. Decreasing time to market is critical to establishing a competitive advantage and extracting better margins during the course of a product’s lifetime. Managers need to have rapid updates and know if resources are available when needed to help projects rapidly progress or else suffer bottlenecks that can delay market release.

With Project Management & Analytics, managers have visibility through advanced analytics of their global operations in a secure environment on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. They reduce unnecessary meetings and endless email exchanges simply because they have ready access to a single, most recent source of product information. Brands that deliver to a global customer base have total visibility that enables them to provide the best response to their ‘design anywhere, produce anywhere’ objectives. Silos and the resulting fragmented processes they engender give way to a connected, concerted, and consistent way of working that help managers anticipate issues as well as accelerate and improve decision-making.