1. Perfect Consumer Product
  2. Structural & Transportation Packaging Design

Structural & Transportation Packaging Design

Design your packaging alongside your product

Delivering winning products would not be complete without attractive, eye-catching packaging and labeling. Companies nowadays want more control over the way their products are shipped and presented to consumers.

With Structural & Transportation Packaging Design, Home & Lifestyle and Consumer Packaged Goods companies have a unique solution for end-to-end product design and packaging on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. They concurrently conceive their packaging in the context of product design, which accelerates decision-making in the early development stages. A catalog of standard packages is available thereby accelerating the design process. Through digital simulation, packaging design and labeling can be tested early for sturdiness, shipping configurations and presentation, which reduces material costs by 30% to 50% and leads to the right package for your product.