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Faced with so many choices, consumers are distracted by the plethora of brands vying for their attention. Catching a consumer’s eye is an essential first step to attracting and maintaining their loyalty. Home & Lifestyle Brands and Retailers are challenged to create new ways to engage consumers and appeal to their uniqueness.

Perfect Product Staging enables brands to create impressive digital marketing assets, visuals, animations and deliver personalized product experiences that resonate with consumers. Brands can generate interactive marketing and sales experiences that improve the buying journey. Consumers can configure their personalized products and make their products come to life with photo-realistic quality at the touch of a finger. With Perfect Product Staging, Home and Lifestyle companies have one single marketing and engineering environment that connects internal and external collaborators and where product data is used to automatically create marketing assets.

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Create stunning marketing experiences with 3D visualization

Designed and modeled entirely within the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, "Nestor", a new kitchen robot, is the culmination of the latest design thinking. From ideation through to final design, CAD data is leveraged within the platform every step of the way – for modeling, visualization and the creation of compelling marketing content and consumer experiences.

  • See below how data continuity is used to go from concept to marketing experience.
  • Click and hold your mouse button or use your finger to rotate left or right.
  • Learn how 3D visualization can enhance your product development and marketing

Benefits of Perfect Product Staging

  • Integrate the voice of the consumer to create an engaging buying experience

    Make smart business decisions faster by leveraging social market Intelligence to listen and learn from your consumers.

  • Mitigate inventory burdens through lifelike digital visualizations

    Save costs and space by reducing the use of physical prototypes using virtual displays to present the full breadth of your offering.

  • Create new ways to engage with consumers

    Digital media enable brands to learn and respond quickly to changing consumer preferences by facilitating personalization that reflects their unique identity.

  • Release early product information to sales

    Inform your sales channel and partners on product details and options before having the physical goods on hand and get a head start on promoting your brand.

  • Move from products to consumer experiences

    Improve customer loyalty and brand image with interactive, memorable and personalized experiences.

Adopt Perfect Product Staging

A solution dedicated to CPG, Retail, and Home and Lifestyle companies to create powerful marketing experiences

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Improve brand loyalty by giving your consumers more choice

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Consumers demand more choice and brands that give it to them win their loyalty and repeat business. Whether online or in a physical store, digital technologies can keep clients’ interest in your brand alive even when the product they want is not immediately available. Just hand them a tablet and ask them to choose their product in the color and material they want and tell them of course it’s for sale!

Brands and retailers around the world are adopting technologies from Dassault Systèmes to provide their clients with more choice. Watch how in this video.

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