Market Intelligence

Track, share and discuss ideas through social collaboration

In an age where uniqueness drives buying behavior, brands need to deliver memorable product experiences that will make them stand out among the plethora of players vying for market dominance. The diversity of consumers, buying options and production practices available in today’s world spells more complexity for brands as they seek to respond to new business challenges. The right response will lead to success. With Market Intelligence, brands consolidate business, engineering and market information on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to gain insights into trends, ideas and perceptions that will guide product development. With this solution, stakeholders can socially collaborate based on information gathered in real time from within and outside the company. Through a better understanding of what consumers want, the ideation process becomes pertinent and powerful. Through Market Intelligence, home & lifestyle marketing teams can open and broaden their scope of creativity and innovation, which is essential to acting rapidly in today’s fast-moving marketplace.