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Visual Merchandising & Micro-Space Management

Imagine your winning in-store merchandising strategy

Providing consumers with enjoyable in-store shopping experiences requires enticing layouts and assortments that delight the eye. Visual merchandisers and category managers must deploy their merchandising vision through planograms that not only convey a consistent brand and retailer image in every store but that provide both sides with the highest business value.

With Visual Merchandising & Micro-Space Management, visual merchandisers and category managers imagine the best way to deploy their merchandising strategy through dynamic 3D space and layout planning. They can collaborate with other team members in real time to review, iterate and validate different options for product assortment and placement, fixtures and signage. They can associate their planograms with key metrics to help them make decisions on product placement that generates the most business value. They gain time by reusing and sharing images and legacy planograms available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Moreover, they can dynamically assess category and space changes allowing them to understand their impact in real time.