Building Equipment

When it comes to building equipment, end user comfort and safety are essential. That’s why OEMs pay particular attention to design, compliance and equipment efficiency.


Efficient Design and Production

With dozens of sites around the world, building equipment manufacturers are challenged to implement fast manufacturing processes throughout their organizations that will enable them to work together in a streamlined fashion.

Single-function machines are being replaced by all-in-one equipment that covers the entire production process and allows them to overcome these challenges and provide their customers with all the comfort and safety they deserve.


Produce Equipment for Comfort and Safety

OEMs that sell building equipment must configure them so that they fit the environment they will function in. They need to respond to the specific demands of customers who expect elevators capable of climbing skyscrapers fast, flat escalators to equip train stations and airports, and conveyors of a specific size.

Building equipment suppliers face other challenges such as the need to deliver smarter and more efficient equipment. This means integrating mechanical and electrical systems that enhance a machine’s functionality and that can be configured based on customer preferences.


Ensure Better Margins With Expanded Service Offerings

Today, manufacturers make a significantly reduced margin on machine sales as opposed to ten years ago. OEMs having difficulty making a profit are consequently adding services to their portfolio in order boost their business.

Manufacturers are improving their margins and expanding after-sales revenue by including servicing needs at the beginning of the product development process. Expanded service offerings that bundle equipment, support, maintenance and consumables ensure maximum equipment efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction.