1. Concurrent Equipment Engineering

Concurrent Equipment Engineering

Drive superior performance

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Take advantage of a holistic solution that allows all stakeholders to work and collaborate on the same, always up-to-date information without any data exchange or conversion.  A unique solution that provides engineers with the freedom to collaborate, design and produce at an accelerated rate at any location.

Concurrent Equipment Engineering provides the digital continuity needed to manage all engineering, simulation and manufacturing information consistently. It serves to break the information silos between these and other business disciplines, improving collaboration and accelerating the pace of operations.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Concurrent Equipment Engineering links all Engineering disciplines together in the same environment: Design, Engineering, Simulation and Manufacturing with a bi-directional flow of digital information.

Success story

Collaborate to Innovate - Unlock One of the Secrets to Innovation

As a manufacturer in any industry, improving collaboration is one of the keys to unlocking innovative capacity, especially when you have designers in multiple locations.

In their newly released case study, 3CON shares some of the successes they’ve had to date and their future goals, such as delivering high-end 3D virtual experiences to their sales force and customers and paperless production.

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Benefits of Concurrent Equipment Engineering

  • True concurrent engineering

    Unites all engineering together on the same data

  • Fast and robust product development

    Brings simulation and manufacturing constrains earlier in the design process

    High fidelity multi-discipline simulation

  • Performance driven design

    Functional generative design

    Simulation based design and optimization

  • Quality by design

    Immersive design reviews to avoid design errors reaching production

    Re-use standard parts and company best practices


Concurrent Equipment Engineering

Industrial Equipment companines have a flexible yet robust environment that facilitates decision-making, reduces costs and accelerates time to market.