Change Intelligence

Global overview of all Change requests and change in progress

A global overview of all change requests and changes in progress provides the key information executives need to make informed decisions. This solution comprises a powerful and highly-intuitive search engine that provides users with actionable insight into each stage of the product lifecycle, allowing them to make evaluations based on real facts, not estimations. These insights include product KPI intelligence such as gap-to-target analysis, as well as change and issue intelligence that accelerate time-to-market, including:

  • Global change spreading: Where the change requests are coming from, amount of approved

  • Change impact analysis: identification of the right corrective modifications to the right price and time vs what would happen if we don’t do the change(pain vs gain) to make sure the right decision is taken when approving/ declining change requests

  • Change progress: Duration of change(from change request to closed action) and current status (open, closed, delayed, etc.)

  • Change convergence: Measure overall changes and the business/organizational impact and make sure that the change is not resulting in change diverging (more changes instead of less changes)