Issue Intelligence

Solve issues collaboratively by identifying all correlated problems

Thanks to Dassault Systèmes’ analytics technology that uses business logic analysis of complex product structures and data models, pertinent engineering information is

revealed, measured, analyzed and displayed in user-customized dashboards. Companies can efficiently identify all correlated problems and solve issues collaboratively, including:

  • Issue spreading: Identify where the most issues are reported, and which are the most critical, for ongoing projects and the impact on the parts and assembly, including issues per country, office, dicipline, project, task, change, employee, machine and part

  • Issue trend analysis: Analyzing if you are dealing with more or less issues and where the deviation is coming from. Measure and reduce overall issues and business/organizational impact

  • Issue solving progress: Monitor the status of open/closed issues, solving rate, and closed issues per week

  • Issue Correspondence: Determine which issues seem to be the same or at least have the same root cause. Perform diagnosis of issues origin in order to implement the needed preventive or corrective modifications collaboratively