Project Intelligence

Make projects more efficient by detecting delays and show-stoppers immediately

Executives need to measure progress and make assessments in order to ensure projects align with business goals. Proper and accurate information makes the project more agile by having full insight of ongoing activities. With proper Project Intelligence, equipment manufacturers have the ability to detect errors early and quickly take corrective action which helps ensure that the equipment complies with requirements and that the right tasks are performed by the right people at the right time, including:

  • Global tracking of project operations and dashboarding of its evolution (where the projects are and current status)

  • Program Management: Manage all running projects to merge timing, resource allocation, etc. Align project with strategy, business operations and provide project information to all business users and executives

  • Road blocking analysis: Ensure optimal project execution by analyzing its main issues, resource allocation, delivery timeline, risks, etc.

  • Project cost analysis: Measure overall project duration and cost to pin point why a project couldn’t deliver in time in order to get best practices for future projects