Industrial Equipment in the 4th
Industrial Revolution

Making a significant change in the way we work and
how we engage with our customers

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New Industrial Experience

Move beyond simply selling products. Provide customized experiences that raise your customers’ level of satisfaction and deepen brand loyalty

Face new challenges

Raising the level of customer satisfaction

Re-shape how you engage with your customers to:

Move beyond simply selling products to cultivating deeper customer relationships

Remain competitive by providing increasingly innovative products

Instill confidence in your customers that what you deliver will exceed their expectations

Adopt the strategy

Technology enables better customer relationships

The growing trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution - automation, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, big data and cloud computing – are re-shaping how customer relationships can be further cultivated.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables manufacturers and their customers to go from ideation to final delivery in one virtual environment. This integrated digital experience is driven by customer specifications to facilitate the way equipment is designed, produced, delivered and serviced.

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Transforming customer relationships

Soosan Heavy Industries implemented the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and improved performance, reduced development costs and accelerated their time-to-market.

Soosan 3 minutes 20 video

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the foundation to transform Soosan Heavy Industries into a champion of industrial equipment manufacturing.

Jae-Sang Cho

Intelligent Connected Systems

Connect systems, people and data to streamline multiple disciplines, drive innovation and generate more business

Face new challenges

Machines designed to think

Industrial Equipment companies need increased functionality and information from their machines so they can respond quickly and accurately to market demands. Digital connectivity is empowering manufacturers with greater data and market knowledge with machines that are not only connected, but communicate with each other.

An intelligent connected environment is one where manufacturers can streamline the process of using multiple disciplines and focus on making better use of machine data. It increases the capacity to create and deliver innovative products because all internal and external resources have real-time access to the same unique information.

Connect systems, people and data to:

Respond quickly and accurately to market demands with better designs at accelerated speed

Optimize all machine data to mitigate errors and reduce the cost of customization

Increase your competitive advantage by disrupting the status quo with smarter innovation

Adopt the strategy

Make better use of your machine data

Intelligent Connected Systems connect people and technologies in a way that exponentially expands innovative capacity to create cutting-edge products that may not have been imagined yet. Real-time access to the same unique data provides tighter collaboration between groups supporting the same customers.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a single integrated environment that enables manufacturers to streamline the process of multiple disciplines by linking machine design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance data. Providing a comprehensive view of product and process information for all of these disciplines inherently connects them together.

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Operational excellence through data optimization

Doosan Infracore uses the Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for better product development, multi-site collaboration and manufacturing simulation.

Doosan 2 minutes 54 video

All market information and sales order can be transformed to engineering data and those can be worked from styling design, engineering design, bill of material management and up to after-market management within 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Dong Yeon Sohn
CEO, Doosan Infracore

Production of One

Adopt a smart and flexible business environment to develop and deliver personalized products more rapidly than ever before

Face new challenges

Customers demand personalization

Customers want products that are customized to their specific needs, but they don’t want to pay more for it. These high expectations are forcing Industrial Equipment companies to become more flexible and agile to meet increasingly personalized and complex requirements.

The emerging technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution enable manufacturers to connect the needs of the market with the production system. Intelligent digital connectivity empowers manufacturers with the capacity to develop and deliver the product that the customer wants, when they want it, and at a competitive price.

Leverage smarter and flexible production to:

Use collaboration to reshape how the core production facilities and resources to deliver highly agile and configurable equipment

Deliver customized products with accelerated time-to-market and competitive prices

Win more business and increase your ROI with the capacity to mass produce economically and efficiently

Adopt the strategy

Because customers demand personalization

A smart and flexible production environment provides Industrial Equipment companies with the freedom and agility to become more responsive to ever changing market demands.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is the only solution providing a single environment where manufacturers can work more closely with customers and develop customized solutions at unprecedented speed, efficiency, and cost. Enhanced multi-site collaboration allows them to manage and coordinate facility capacity, operations, inventory and resources in a way that’s profitable and efficient.

Discover our customers success

Flexible and smarter collaboration

3CON adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for virtual design, collaborative innovation and workflow management. So far, they have reduced commissioning time by 50% and improved design productivity by 30%

3con 4 minutes 29 video

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