Instant Equipment Showcase

Create powerful virtual experiences

available on premise

The Industrial Equipment companies that are gaining lead positions in the marketplace are the ones that provide powerful sales experiences that connect with their customers. With brand identity becoming more and more important, the ability to instantly produce visualizations of the end product is proving to create an emotional impact and assurance that you can deliver what customers expect. 

Instant Equipment Showcase is a marketing and sales solution that enables Industrial Equipment companies to leverage engineering product models to create innovative and interactive assets. This virtual capability connects engineering and marketing departments to provide personalized multi-channel experiences. 

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Instant Equipment Showcase provides digital continuity to create real-time, high-end visualization that showcases complete product diversity, increases product interactivity before sales and enhances communication earlier in the product development process. 

Benefits of Instant Equipment Showcase

  • Brand Identity

    Identification at a glance with unique colors or specific shapes

  • Portfolio Diversity

    Increasing portfolio to cover the full scope of industrial targeted processes

  • Emotional Brand

    Communicate earlier on products’ innovation and highlight original concepts

  • Products Recognition

    Increase products visibility while reducing logistics costs

  • Buying Experience

    Transform sales places into sphere of experience

Instant Equipment Showcase

Industrial Equipment companies have a powerful marketing and sales solution to produce personalized, multi-channel experiences.