Keep Them Running

Minimized downtime and maximized performance

available on cloud available on premise

Keep Them Running is an industry solution experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that places service at the forefront of Industrial Equipment development. Manufacturers can increase revenue by developing new service offerings where revenue is based on machine output or machine uptime. By incorporating servicing requirements in the design, machines will be faster and easier to maintain and keep downtime to a minimum.

End-to-end digital continuity allows manufacturers to ensure service operations are accounted for at the earliest design stages and that maintenance instructions are clear, tailored to a customer’s installation and always up to date. The digital “as-running” view helps rationalize maintenance interventions and track every operation performed throughout the equipment’s lifecycle. This level of tailored service delivers predictive maintenance to reduce equipment downtime and boost operating performance, resulting in satisfied customers.

Benefits of Keep Them Running

  • Reduce service costs

    With Keep Them Running, maintenance requirements are taken

    into account from the early design stages, designing components

    that can be serviced together with a fewer number of interventions helps minimize production downtime and servicing costs for the manufacturer and customer.

  • Increase revenue

    With Keep Them Running, Industrial Equipment manufacturers that normally sell their machines can increase revenue by developing new service offerings to cover a wider market.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Keep a digital “as-running” view of a customer’s installed base in operation, from a global high-level view down to the spare parts level.