Design for Service

Identify equipment failure to optimize machine reliability and availability

Customers of Industrial Equipment manufacturers need to keep their operations running smoothly to satisfy demand. They require swift, affordable and planned servicing to maintain their equipment in top operating condition. This is why equipment manufacturers need a design-for-service approach that improves maintenance efficiency in the field, including:

  • Requirement specification – Collect customer maintenance requests and complaints.

  • Machine failure prediction – Accesssing of virtual, simulated test results to determine which parts will break after a certain amount of machining hours or repeats of a movements.

  • Optimization – Design suggestion to minimize maintenance downtime and cost to maximize endurance. Validate a maintenance friendly design to maintain reliability, cost, safety, manufacturability, weight, durability, appearance, etc.

  • Serviceable Parts – Tag and classify parts that are serviceable or replaceble and add attributes such as kit information, optional parts, etc.

Included in Keep Them Running