Product as a Service

Keep operations running smoothly and expand after-sales revenue potential by including servicing needs at the beginning of the product development process

Industrial Equipment in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Making a significant change in the way we work and how we engage with our customers

When a machine is down, so is revenue

In today’s competitive and consumer-oriented economy where time to market can define a business’s sustainability, manufacturers need to keep their operations running smoothly to satisfy customer demands.

Every minute a machine is running translates into revenue. Scheduled service maintenance is essential to ensure optimal machine output or machine uptime. Manufacturers need to ensure their equipment receives swift and affordable servicing to remain in top operating condition.

Offer Product as a Service to

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Increase customer satisfaction and after-sales revenue
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Include machine maintenance needs in the product development process
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Reduce equipment downtime and boost operating performance

Plan machine maintenance before its running

Numerous new technologies from the 4th Industrial Revolution contribute to the improved efficiency of industrial equipment. By incorporating servicing requirements in the design, machines will be faster and easier to maintain, and have minimal downtime.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides the capability to incorporate servicing needs at the forefront of the product development process. In addition to selling standalone products, manufacturers can expand after-sales revenue by developing new service offerings that bundle equipment, support, maintenance and consumables required for their use.

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