Qualified Knowledge Reuse

Elaborate and optimize study plan by reusing know-how

With Qualified Knowledge Reuse companies can capture in a central repository, and make available for reuse, product qualification rules for future testing. With these rules, a study plan is automatically generated and optimized with respect to sample size or sample testing sequences. Product managers can capitalize their experience in the database enabling future products to benefit from a comprehensive and rich pool of testing scenarios. Designers can submit various design alternatives for physical or simulation testing as required saving time over the sequential trial and error process of testing one alternative at a time. They can consult the database for testing requirements and add characteristics in their designs that will allow them to successfully pass the tests.

As requirements are linked to project management activities, users have full traceability throughout the entire development process, helping to ensure that products meet market requirements. Qualification experts can search through the knowledge database for similar cases and benefit from existing testing rules compiled from similar products to devise a precise test plan of every design alternative.

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