Simple Solution Selection

Accelerate offer generation and execution from a larger portfolio while decreasing the number of parts

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Designing and producing products that are similar, but not exactly the same, every time you have a customer order is time consuming and costly. It also slows down the product development process, prevents the opportunity to enhance the product portfolio and can even hinder order fulfillment procedures.

Simple Solution Selection is an industry solution experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that enables Industrial Equipment companies to quickly and accurately respond to customer demands with a diverse product portfolio and an optimized quotation process.

With a modular approach, manufacturers can reorganize and rethink the way products are developed by using common and interchangeable modules with predefined variants. This flexible system uses a decreased number of managed parts, which in turn helps keep the costs of design and production down. The unique configuration engine optimizes and speeds up the quotation process.

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Benefits of Simple Solution Selection

  • Modular architecture design

    By using common and interchangeable parts to generate product variants, you can deliver a modular approach that can pave the way to more innovation and timely delivery.

  • Efficient quotation process

    With the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and Simple Solution Selection, manufacturers have a unique configuration engine for a fast, safe and optimized quotation process.

  • Modularity for simplicity

    Simple Solution Selection helps companies diversify their product offering without increasing design and production costs due to component duplication.

  • Engineering to manufacturing configuration

    Simple Solution Selection provides one source of truth that generates the exact manufacturing definition of a given product configuration and appropriate work instructions.

  • Fast and safe solution optimization

    Simple Solution Selection ensures fast configuration to create machines that meet customer expectations.

Simple Solution Selection

Industrial Equipment companies can manage product complexity, improve product development and order fulfillment procedures throughout the product lifecycle.

Success story

How Takeuchi Increased Product Diversity With an Integrated Platform

Takeuchi, a 50-year old Japanese construction equipment manufacturer, decided to meet the challenge of providing custom machine configurations head-on by streamlining their development processes to improve delivery of products and meet customer and regulatory requirements.

With solutions based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Takeuchi now has a single, integrated platform for product design, analysis and production.

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“We can take advantage of the modular approach enabled by Dassault Systèmes’ offer, which enables us to create more product variants with a fewer number of parts.”

Takeuchi Company
Development Department