1. Multi-Discipline Product Configuration

Multi-Discipline Product Configuration

Integrate and manage configuration definition inside a 3D design environment

Meeting customers’ customization demands can be difficult, and costly, for industrial equipment companies who still manage configurations manually. Many products have similar components that can be reused to help streamline the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic/hydraulic design process.

Multi-Discipline Product Configuration provides the capability to integrate and manage configuration definition inside a 3D design environment and make changes directly on the product structure. With 3D configuration, designers can resolve large product variations in a simple and efficient manner and rethink the way mechanical parts are produced.

Multi-Discipline Product Configuration offers equipment manufacturers the ability to transition from an un-configured BOM to managing a unique configurable product definition with change management capabilities. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is unique in that it seamlessly links wiring, cabling, harness and mechanical design with a configured approach. Electrical and mechanical designers can combine both configuration and visualization in a 3D environment and generate an associated bill of materials (BOM).

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