Simplified Smart Equipment

Systems-driven design for robust performance

available on premise

The goal of many Industrial Equipment company is to offer their customers reliable smart products faster than the competition. Simplified Smart Equipment offers an integrated solution to cover the end-to-end product development process with interfaces for integration of customer legacy tools.

This solution provides a conceptual and configurable system based on a model-based system engineering approach to develop and validate multi-discipline systems. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, Simplified Smart Equipment integrates unique environment applications to manage requirements, functional and logical architecture, behavior simulation, safety and quality.

Benefits of Simplified Smart Equipment

  • Develop flexible machines

    Master multi-discipline product architecture and capitalize knowledge for end-to-end system traceability 

  • Boost reliability and performance

    Optimize system behavior with early simulation and flexible testing across the entire enterprise network and live tracking of design verification

  • Reduce machine development time and cost

    Accelerate your competitive advantage with a diversified product portfolio based on part number consolidation, rapid development of multidiscipline products and reduced physical prototypes

  • Minimize validation costs and warranty issues

    Reduced risks at all times with the right information for the right tests for the right parts

  • Increased capture and re-use of knowledge

    Reduce no added value tasks with access to existing information and automated test report generation

Simplified Smart Equipment

Industrial Equipment companies have a flexible yet robust environment that facilitates decision-making, reduces costs and accelerates time to market.