Virtual Equipment Yard

Boost marketing campaigns and buying experience

available on premise

Virtual Equipment Yard industry solution experience for the Industrial Equipment industry delivers stunning B2B and B2C sales and marketing materials, tools and event experiences. Manufacturers of heavy mobile and manufacturing machinery, installed equipment, Industrial Equipment products, and tire manufacturing equipment, benefit from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s unique source of information and high-end 3D visualization technology to automatically transform existing 3D geometry into quality, digital promotional assets for all their product lines. Marketing and sales organizations can ensure brand consistency and deploy their messages across all communication channels, devices and local markets.

With media content created with Virtual Equipment Yard, companies can engage with their customers at different stages of the product development process, from early concept to product launch, helping to increase purchasing opportunities along the way.

Benefits of Virtual Equipment Yard

  • Improve customer buying experience

    Virtual Equipment Yard delivers high-quality, lifelike digital marketing assets for the promotion of a brand’s entire product line in the showroom, at trade shows or on the internet.

  • Achieve emotional brand-building

    With Virtual Equipment Yard, brands have high-end 3D visual assets that generate a positive response from customers.

  • Achieve synergies between various touch points

    Virtual Equipment Yard leverages existing 3D design geometry

    to generate all static and animated marketing visuals because it is based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and shares the same environment as product design data.

Virtual Equipment Yard

Link marketing assets with existing configurators, rules and pricing engines for a more fluid buying experience at the point of sale.