Virtual Equipment Yard for POS

Increase sales by generating exciting point of sales marketing assets

Brands that want to display their entire line of Industrial Equipment machinery and mobile equipment in their showroom are usually confronted with a problem of size. They have to make choices. By adding digital excitement to their showrooms with high-performance imaging and configuration capabilities, they can display all product variants without the required floor space. Relying on digital technology can help them transform a showroom of a few products into a veritable warehouse their customers can purchase from.

Virtual Equipment Yard for POS enhances the purchasing experience at the point of sale by enabling customers to configure the machine of their choice in a showroom setting. Customers have high-quality realistic virtual images of a brand’s entire product line at their fingertips enabling them to configure their machines on various digital display devices at the physical point of sale with stunning realism. They can add options, change colors, and turn the equipment on all sides for a better view all in real-time.

The solution can display authorized product combinations and regional availabilities that customers can visualize with exceptional realism. They are also informed of pricing and delivery timeframes. Since images and the original product geometry both reside on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, brands have information consistency that reduces the complexity and cost of sustaining a coherent offering across markets. With Virtual Equipment Yard for POS Industrial Equipment companies provide their customers with the ultimate buying experience at the point of sale.

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