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Electronic & Electric Engineering

Supports management of end-to-end electrical engineering processes with accurate 3D simulation and automated manufacturing documentation.

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The high-performance core of ‘next generation’ electric vehicles is its electronic and electrical systems infrastructure.  Your global teams need industry-proven solutions and processes to manage competitive, end-to-end electronic and electrical engineering development.

Utilize an integrated approach to electrical 3D wire harness development, to drive all design activities from requirements, to functions, to 3D and manufacturing preparation.  Powerful physic-based 3D kinematic simulation and analysis, and  multi-physic dynamic systems modeling, simulation and validation with full 3D associativity, will enable optimal vehicle development, analysis and performance.

Capture knowledge and critically evaluate product design and capabilities prior to geometry creation , then re-use knowledge beyond requirements and geometry to speed time to market and improve electronic and electrical systems robustness.

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