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Project & Quality Management

Project & Quality Management is an integrated solution which enables orchestration of people, schedules & deliverables for optimal success.

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Leveraging general office applications and ad hoc methodologies can be both risky and costly when managing dynamic and sophisticated global opportunities. Bid to Win 3DEXPERIENCE solutions support optimal processes, with industry-proven checks and methodologies, to ensure that strategic resources, schedules & deliverables are orchestrated for your success.

Project & Quality Management solutions provide a global, integrated platform to plan projects & manage product quality, based on global company and industry standards.  Key capabilities include real time project monitoring, requirements management, and deliverable-based project management with pre-defined APQP templates.

Correlate product specs to deliverables to ensure quality. Ensure full traceability between requirements, tasks and deliverables to optimize efficiency and minimize risk or liability. And use integrated Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA) to catch potential defects earlier in development and improve product performance.

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