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Collaboration & Control

Synchronize all stakeholder information in a single source of truth to enhance collaboration

available on premise

Collaboration & Control is the foundation on which stakeholders can rely on to drive their business. Throughout the plant’s lifecycle, it synchronizes data from multiple sources in real-time to create a single repository of trusted and up-to-date information, thereby mitigating inaccuracies and rework. Stakeholders have role-based, individualized access to project and facility information; only that which is relevant to each discipline is communicated, reducing information overload that can hamper agility and fuel misunderstandings and ensure that confidential intellectual property is shared securely with authorized people only.

Collaboration & Control provides end-to-end digital continuity, improving collaboration between stakeholders, across the extended enterprise and speeding up overall project cycle time. The supply chain has access to the latest design information and a standardized bidding process helps to simplify the procurement process and the time spent comparing proposals.

Collaboration & Control enforces business processes for better control and traceability, essential for certifications and the continuous improvement of their operations from initial design to decommissioning.

Included in Capital Facilities Information Excellence

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