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Production Know-How

Capture know-how and existing manufacturing information to support efficient reuse

available on premise

As experienced manufacturing planners and workers are approaching retirement, it is critical that shipyards capture existing knowledge and experience. They are also challenged to make this know-how available in an easily reusable form within their multidisciplinary environment and across their multi-site organization.

With Production Know-How, shipbuilders can build process templates that describe the different activities and how they are done, which can then be reused for each new shipbuilding project. By making sure that company standards are embedded in the manufacturing planning, production planners no longer need to start from scratch, saving considerable preparation time and money. Companies can define the types of machines available at the shipyard with their characteristics and production capacities so that planners can select the right equipment for a particular task. They can also customize templates by adding their own equipment’s attributes. Moreover, shipyards can embed company knowledge in the form of rules to ensure that the production planning complies with corporate preferences, guidelines and conventions.

Adopt the Power of Production Know-How

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