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Virtual Equipment Yard for Advertising

Create attractive visuals for your ad campaigns

available on premise

In the current competitive market economy, every day consumers are inundated with an incalculable number of advertising messages from diverse media. Only the ads that communicate the best visual experiences have the stopping power needed to grab their attention.

Virtual Equipment Yard for Advertising creates stunning lifelike digital still images and videos of a company’s products for billboards, building facades, magazines or other media. The solution shares the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform with Dassault Systèmes’ design solutions, enabling it to natively leverage pre-existing 3D CAD data to generate the associated marketing visuals. In this way, Showcasing for Advertising creates pre-sales visuals that allow companies to promote their products prior to launch. Virtual products can be inserted in computer-generated scenes that expand a company’s storytelling capabilities and deliver the look and feel customers can best relate to.

Virtual Equipment Yard for Advertising is a powerful digital asset management system that efficiently helps brands exchange and organize all visual assets. It also allows them to publish assets while ensuring accurate version control.

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