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Concept Know-How

Efficiently capture know-how and existing concept information to support reuse

available on premise

In the bidding phase, shipyards must be able to produce innovative conceptual designs in an extremely short period of time. In order to meet their objectives, they need to capitalize and reuse valuable know-how, best practices and company standards.

With Concept Know-How, designers can efficiently capture know-how and past designs for reuse in new projects. Through embedded rules they promote design compliance with requirements and classification rules as well as with company standards. Internal as well as external project stakeholders can share and collaborate in real-time, confident that their IP is protected. Concept Know-How also enables shipyards to continuously monitor design compliance with technical budgets, helping to ensure that concept designs are done right the first time. This reduces errors and rework that can put budgets and schedules at risk.

Adopt the Power of Concept Know-How

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