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Perfect Package

Drive reuse through effective digital asset management

High-Tech manufacturers use a variety of agencies and suppliers to bring their brands and packages to life. While this distributed eco-system helps companies focus on the core strengths, it also fragments the designs, labels and data across multiple systems and companies. As a result, companies cannot find previous designs or need to pay external agencies to search and share designs they have already paid for. Using Perfect Package as part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, teams can design new ideas faster or reuse existing assets to expand to new geographies with very little investment. Perfect Package can store all the assets associated with the package or brand including 3D Package Designs, 2D artwork labels, logos, images, colors and all other brand equity elements. Libraries can be based on company-wide or brand-specific parameters and while strong search and security functions can ensure the right people have access to the correct asset. Approval routes ensure proper review of assets and organizations working on elements of the package can access the latest assets and eliminate much of the rework caused by fragmented systems.

Increase agency productivity and lower costs

… through content reuse and central sharing of assets that all partners can access inside or outside the enterprise.