Changing Regulations

Streamline regulatory compliance. Manage the impacts of evolving safety and environmental regulations on how ships and platforms are designed, built, operated.


Optimizing ship designs and complying with new regulations

As energy efficiency and safety-related maritime regulations increase in number and complexity, worldleading Classification Society Bureau Veritas needs to improve its productivity and responsivene

Streamline regulatory compliance

Shipyards, owners, and operators must comply with a multitude of strict international and national regulations. Failure to do so can be both extremely costly, causing fines or delays, and damaging in terms of image. With public awareness greater than ever, the industry is under pressure to improve safety, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability in areas such as emissions controls, ship material recycling, ballast water management, and waste disposal.

Manage rise in accountability:

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Tightly integrate regulatory compliance management into project planning to reduce risks and costly rework.
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Assess compliance status throughout the project with full traceability.
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Make regulatory compliance information available to the relevant stakeholders with secure access control.

A single collaborative platform for faster and more effective certification

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides marine and offshore companies with a formal way to capture, manage, and track regulations and classification requirements throughout the project lifecycle, with full traceability to ensure that they are all properly addressed and documented.

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