eBook: IASO – Transforming the Patient Experience

Patient Experience is the Next Frontier in Drug Development

Due to the high cost of bringing a single new therapeutic to the market and considering that programs for innovative products are high-risk/high-reward, the most innovative Life Sciences companies are turning to novel formulation strategies and delivery systems that can vastly improve the patient experience—the next frontier in drug development.

This eBook tells the story of IASO: named after the Greek goddess of recovery, IAOS showcases the lifecycle of a combination product in oncology demonatrating the value that Dassault Systèmes and the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform can deliver to stakeholders challenged with bringing innovation to market in the form of combination products that transform the patient experience.

This 7-chapter ebook describes the patient journey and the benefits the 3DExperience platform brings through :

  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Therapeutic Design & Development
  • Device Design & Development
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Enterprise Operational Excellence
IASO eBook