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Design for Fabrication

Connect Your Design Data from Concept to Fabrication

Design for Fabrication, an AEC industry solution experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, creates a single source of truth for AEC projects. A collaborative, cloud-based, integrated BIM environment, Design for Fabrication seamlessly connects data from the design phase into shop drawings, enabling design models to become the basis for fabrication. This solution has proven to significantly reduce the waste and rework found in the traditional design and construction process and yield big rewards for project owners and stakeholders.

Design for Fabrication 의 혜택들

  • Scalability

    Design and simulate any building, structure, building element or object from the conceptual level down to the smallest detail.

  • Speed

    Use integrative, parametric, associative and computational modeling methods to increase productivity and optimize project value through iterative design.

  • Efficiency

    Combine talent, technique and technology to deliver high performance, value and efficiency while reducing environmental impact and waste.

  • Supply Chain Integration

    Leverage the insight and input of experts across the supply chain to create an informed design.

Adopt Design for Fabrication

Do away with rework for good. Replace traditional, fragmented AEC processes by embracing a collaborative, integrated BIM environment. Incorporate supply chain input, reduce errors and expand design possibilities.