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Sustain innovation, projects and operations performance

Digital Formulation for Petroleum Fuels, Lubricants and Additives

Digital formulation research and development


Digitalize Handovers to Ensure Continuity Over Lifecycle

During the handover process information needs to be passed down to the owner/operator. Digital continuity from design to operation is key to ensuring no information is left out. Moreover, from plant commissioning to decommissioning, it is key to maintain a history of the facility for future maintenance and operations.


Diversify Business Portfolio to Leap-Frog in the Market

Fast-moving markets require that Oil & Gas companies adapt or disappear. Increasing their footprint in new markets means innovating and diversifying with new products and services that meet regional and local requirements.

Business challenge

Executing Capital Projects Flawlessly in Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas companies need to optimize resources and procurement processes to run lean operations, reduce environmental footprint and increase asset performance. Through optimal investment and “re”-investment and a reduced “time to first oil”, they insure sustained business success.

We chose the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to support our business strategy [...]. This is a transformative initiative – moving engineering in the oil and gas sector from being based on the transfer of discrete documents to being based on an exchange of data in a more integrated and easy to use digital platform. This will change how projects are executed.

Vaseem Khan
Vice-President Engineering McDermott
Business challenge

Optimize Operations Business Model to Maximize Profit

Oil & Gas companies must decrease costs while increasing throughput and output quality to meet demand. To achieve this, they need to improve production flexibility, increase operational predictability and optimize maintenance to improve asset reliability and availability.

We aligned our processes and work based on best business practices and functionality [...]. As we continue this journey to reduce complexity, we have embarked on integrating additional processes into our Dassault Systèmes platform.

Brian Stripling
General Manager, Brand, Technology and OEM, Chevron Lubricants